2020-21 AHA COVID-19 Protocols

As approved by the Board of Directors

AUGUST 24, 2020

Keeping our players and families safe, as always, is the most important thing we do. AHA has created COVID-19 Protocols which must be followed by all AHA members and individuals present at all AHA events.  

AHA members and all individuals entering the Phillips Academy Ice Rinks must also follow all Phillips Academy guidelines.  AHA members entering the XP training center in Wilmington must also follow the applicable guidelines at that facility. Finally, the VHL has compiled guidelines and protocols at its partner ice rink facilities, available here.

Failure to comply any of these guidelines will result in the suspension of the entire team. AHA Protocols and guidelines issued by our partners may change based on local and state guidance and as we learn more once the season starts. We will communicate any changes as they arise. 


The Board of Directors believes that our organization can safely proceed with practices and games if we all follow these Protocols: 


1. All AHA members must complete a waiver prior to the start of the season. Individuals who have not executed the waiver cannot participate in or attend AHA events. The waiver will be sent prior to the season and will be available on the AHA website. Waivers will also be required of any non-AHA members entering the Phillips Academy Ice Rinks.  

2. To participate or attend any AHA activities, players/participants, coaches, parents/guardians/chaperones ("spectators") and volunteers must show no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 per the Massachusetts Department of Public Health

3. In addition, parents/guardians must complete a health attestation for each player prior to EVERY AHA event. Attestations will be available online. Players without a health attestation will not be allowed to participate in that day's event. Details on completing the attestation will be shared prior to the start of the season.  

4. Every AHA team must have at least one parent/guardian serve as the "COVID-19 Compliance Manager". The COVID-19 Compliance Manager will ensure all players have completed health attestations prior to ALL AHA events and that players/guardians spend no more than 10 minutes in the building both before and after games. This role may be shared among a number of individuals, but someone must fulfill the role at every event. No team will be permitted to start the season unless at least one individual has volunteered for this role. 

5. Players must wear masks until they step on the ice. This includes while they are on the bench between shifts during games. Coaches and spectators must wear masks at all times. Players and spectators must wear masks and socially distance at all times during all off-ice activities. Please note gaiters are not considered sufficient masks at Phillips Academy. Phillips Academy policy is that everyone must wear a mask when in the parking lot as well.

6. Each team will have 10 minutes prior to each scheduled ice time to enter the building and 10 minutes to leave the building once their practice or game is complete. This is an AHA rule that must be followed for all AHA practices and games. 

7. Each player can only be accompanied by one spectator for practices and games. 

8. AHA players are NOT permitted to use locker rooms at ANY rinks, regardless of whether the rink where they are playing permits use of the locker rooms. Players should arrive dressed, as they would for AHA practices at Phillips Academy. 

9. If a COVID-19 positive case is identified on a team, parents of the positive player MUST contact the Andover Board of Health and AHA President Mike Stevens at president@andoverhockey.org or (617)634-9267 immediately.  

10. COVID-19 positive individuals or those with a positive exposure as determined by state and local guidelines cannot attend AHA events for at least 14 days. 


9/18/20 Addition

It has come to our attention that, at certain ice rink facilities, it is logistically challenging for players to get their skates tied in the lobby or other open seating area, and that the managers of some facilities have requested that we use their locker rooms. In such cases, AHA players shall be permitted to use locker rooms solely for the purposes of getting their skates on/off and for storing their equipment bags while on the ice. The number of people in the locker room should be limited (coaches should tie younger players' skates as opposed to parents) and the doors should remain open at all times while people are in the locker room. Coaches should not use locker rooms for pre/post game "chalk talks" and under no circumstances should players ever be in a locker room without an adult present.  

We also recommend making sure your players have a set of skate guards so that you have the option to tie skates in the parking lot or in an area of the facility that does not have floor coverings for skate blades. 

In addition, we understand that certain facilities permit "gaiters" as acceptable face coverings. While this is not the policy at the Phillips Academy Ice Rinks, the AHA will permit players to use neck gaiters at other facilities where such use is acceptable and all other protocols are followed. 

11/6/20 Additions

1. In accordance with updated State guidelines, AHA's protocols now require face coverings at all times, including players while on the ice.  

2. If a player or anyone in the player's household has been informed by a public health agency or contract tracer that he or she should quarantine as a result of an exposure to COVID-19, AHA protocols now require that the player not participate in AHA events for 14 days.

3/8/21 Update

If a player or anyone in the player's household has been informed by a public health agency or contact tracer that he or she should quarantine as a result of an exposure to COVID-19, AHA protocols now require that the player and anyone in the player's household not participate in AHA events. Following a negative test result on day 5 post exposure, release from quarantine on day 8 post exposure is permitted. Otherwise, quarantine should last for 10 days post exposure, with release (assuming no symptoms) on day 11.

3/25/21 Update

Family members of "exposed" players/coaches are no longer required to miss AHA events because a member of their household is under quarantine as a result of a COVID-19 exposure.  However, AHA players/coaches with a COVID-19 positive household member cannot attend AHA events until they have been released from quarantine by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the Andover Department of Health. 

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