USA HOCKEY and AHA Requirements to Coach

Register with USA Hockey and AHA/Background Checks

First, you must register through USA hockey to get your USA coaching number. USA Hockey Coach/Manager Registration. As of April 1, 2019, once you register as a coach/manager with USA hockey and receive your USA number, you will be prompted to complete a background check. Please make sure you do this at the time of registering. Here is the link: Background Screening but again, there is a prompt to do this after getting your USA number (which you will need as well as a scan/photo of your license to complete the process).

Once you obtain your USA Hockey number and have completed the background check, you MUST register to coach through the new AHA website (here is the link: Coaches/Managers Registration by creating yourself as a “player” and then registering as either HC or AC (Team Managers are required to register in the same way). This is also the only way to ensure you receive pertinent “coaching” emails throughout the season.

After completing the above signups, please complete the remaining requirements, all of which are also available here: Steps to Become a USA Hockey Coach.


It will be your responsibility to make sure any ACs you plan to have on the ice/bench have completed all the coaching requirements before the season begins. To help AHA monitor this, we are asking that you submit a list of all coaches you intend to have working with you to ( as soon as possible. If a coach is not on this list, they should not be on the ice/bench with you.

NOTE: For those intending to help with Learn to Play or Learn to Skate, the only requirements are to: 1) Register with USA HOCKEY (which will conduct a background check); 2) Register with AHA as an Assistant Coach, and 3) Complete Safesport training.

CEP (Coaching Education Program)

All coaches must complete a live CEP clinic by December 31. If you are coaching Mite or below, your CEP Level 1 is good until you move up to Squirt/U10. Once you move beyond Mite, you will be required to complete Level 2 (yr. 1) and Level 3 (yr. 2). Level 3 is good for 2 years, and can then be renewed 2 times online, before you must attend the live course for Level 4. Many of you may have received an email regarding level 4

coaching clinics (CEP) being offered for next year, but just in case, you can find the info here: (CEP Coaching Clinics).

There is only one more Level 4 training offered anywhere nearby (Aug. 3-4 in Windsor, CT), so if you need to complete Level 4 please sign up soon.

If you are unsure of your CEP level and/or when it expires, you can check using this link: CEP / Age Module Check (this also tells you which age modules you have completed).

The Bruins typically offer a great program in October or November where you can get your Level 2 and 3 CEP certification, as well as a Level 3 refresher if you would rather not complete that online.


All Coaches must complete Safesport (Safesport Training) before the season starts - i.e. - September 1, 2019. When completing Safesport, please make sure you complete all sections (I believe there are 3) and receive a Certificate that states you are “Safesport Certified.”


Each age group has an associated age group module. The module for your age group, like Safesport, must be completed before the season starts. (Age Modules)