AHA 50 for 50 Challenge

The AHA is a strong proponent of USA Hockey's American Development Model ("ADM").    To unlock a child’s full athletic potential, the ADM recommends following the principles of long-term athlete development and using the offseason as a time to participate in other sports and activities.  Beyond the scope of developing a youngster’s physical attributes, participation in other sports and activities, and even something as old fashioned as free play with neighborhood friends, can have a positive impact that goes well beyond the rink.

That's why the AHA would like to invite all of its members and friends (including parents!) to take part in our "50 for 50 Challenge"!  

What is the significance of "50"?  Although kids had been playing hockey in Andover for many years, the AHA was formally chartered in 1970, so we are using this season to commemorate our golden anniversary.

So what exactly is this challenge?  Well, it's pretty straightforward:

1.  Have a parent take a short video (can be timelapse) of you doing 50 reps of any type of sport or game.

2.  Nominate two friends and one coach or member parent to complete the challenge.  Moms and Dads you can get in on the fun too and issue a challenge!

3.  Post the video to our Facebook or Instagram pages and tag #AHA50for50, or email the video to webmaster@andoverhockey.org

What types of activities can you do?  That's up to you and your child's imagination.   It can be hockey related (50 wrist shots) or not (50 jumping jacks).  Check out Coach Dan Zuccaro who explains more (along with the help of a few surprise guests) here.

Special thanks to our friends at Hive Media for producing the intro video and at TSR for sponsoring this challenge and providing t-shirts to all participants.

Any questions?  Contact Dan at coaching@andoverhockey.org.