Warrior Cup

What is the best way to kick off the new season for AHA parents and coaches?

Answer: 2021-2022 WARRIOR CUP!

Regardless of whether you skate three times a week, or you seldom skate at all, Warrior Cup is a great opportunity to be a kid again and play the game we all love. It is also a great way to get more involved in the AHA community and get to know the other coaches and parents in the association and in town.

AHA Warrior Cup welcomes ALL levels of men AND women players. Teams are evenly balanced with a wide range of skills. This program is first-come, first-served. We take the first 40 skaters and wait-list the remainder as alternates. Registration is open now!

*Everyone that wants to participate will need to register as “full time” or “alternate.” *


AHA Coaches, Parents and Friends (18+)


Two separate eight-week season. The fall season starts October 3 and runs through November 21. The winter season starts January 9 and runs through March 13. Sunday morning games (7:10am)


Sunday mornings at Phillips Academy


Cost for each 8 week season is $100 (cost per game as alternate will be $17). Alternates will pay $17 at registration to cover their first game, and will be charged $17 for each additional game played.

2021-2022 Winter Warrior Cup


• Four teams will play a six week regular season, then two weeks of playoffs.

• Teams will be formed based on self-declared skating level and previous data collected and evaluated by previous administrations.

• USA Hockey Registration Required.

• Any questions please contact Bob Kenny at adulthockey@andoverhockey.org.

• This program is only being offered to 2021-2022 AHA members, and we are welcoming all ability levels, men and women.

• Calling for team captains - if you want to be a team captain please let Bob know.

• The goal is to have four team captains and hold a draft to roster the teams before the first game. So, the earlier you commit the easier it will be to develop rosters and schedule the games. Season starts January 9.

• We are also looking for four goalies per week (goaltenders will also need to register, but there will be no charge).

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