Discipline Policy

Andover Hockey Association


Updated November 4, 2017

At their discretion, all coaches are authorized to remove players and parents from a game or practice upon witnessing any of the following:

• Use of obscene, vulgar, and/or offensive language or gestures;

• Ridiculing, taunting, or disrespecting others including players, coaches, officials, or spectators;

• Addressing a coach, official, player, or volunteer in an discourteous, unsportsmanlike, or threatening manner;

• Questioning, arguing, or in any way disrespecting referees or opposing players or coaches;

• Deliberately throwing of a stick or any other equipment in a violent, careless, or haphazard manner;

• Intentionally banging the boards, protective glass, nets, or other rink related equipment with a stick or other instrument in frustration; and

• Other activities which in the judgement of the coach or coaches are inconsistent with the organization’s mission statement.

(Note that this is not an all-inclusive list, but is intended as guidance.)

When a coach removes a player form a game or practice, the coach will communicate to the player and their parent or guardian as to why this action was taken.   Additionally, the coach will communicate the incident to the appropriate Age Director and President of the Association as soon as practicable.  Upon a second infraction of the actions listed above by a player or parent, the coach will immediately report the incident to the Age Director and President and a disciplinary committee, comprised of at least three impartial and uninterested board members will be convened within a reasonable time to determine if discipline is necessary.   A player will not be suspended prior to a hearing, and the disciplinary hearing will abide by and be consistent with USA Hockey’s By-Law 10.  Any activity that violates rink policies, state or federal laws or creates a continual safety risk, will result in an immediate suspension until such time as disciplinary hearing can be conducted, no later than one week after the activity at issue was reported to the President.  Activities that warrant a disciplinary hearing include but are not limited to: theft, hazing, bullying, harassment, threats, racial slurs or hate speech, and physical or emotional abuse.  This includes making contact with referees, timekeepers, of rink representatives and engaging in a fight or physical or verbal altercation.Unless otherwise outlined above, all AHA disciplinary hearings will abide by and be consistent with USA Hockey’s By-Law 10.  This disciplinary policy will be posted on the AHA website and the Board will routinely impart this policy to members at the start of the season and again during the season.  All members are on notice of this policy and its applicability to the entire membership and AHA community.

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