Alternates Policy

Alternate Policies for Youth Teams (Revised February 20, 2022)


A. Coed Youth Teams

As a commitment to our full time players, AHA will not allow skaters looking to play for a Coed Youth team to register as an "Alternate" skater.  While exceptions will be considered for extraordinary situations, no player who is registered full time on another team shall be permitted to be registered as an Alternate for an AHA Coed Youth team without the prior approval of the Board. Exceptions to be considered include not enough players to complete a team; transitional players; a family that moves to Andover mid-season; a custody issue where the player will miss half the games; and recruiting a player back towards the end of a season with a commitment that they will sign up as a full time player the next season. 

B. Girls Youth Teams

Alternates will be permitted on all Girls Youth teams for the 2022-23 Season. The use and or need for Alternate skaters for the Girls Youth Program will be evaluated annually by the Board of Directors.

C. Alternates Procedure 

Players requesting to be Alternates shall make such request via e-mail to the Placements Committee when registering. Alternates will be placed on a team based on their skill and talent level as determined during Placements.  To the extent a player is an Alternate, they can attend all AHA practices and skills sessions, and those games for which they are needed (as determined by their Head Coach). The cost of being an Alternate on a full time team shall be 50% of the tuition for that program. There will be NO REFUNDS at any time for Alternates and PAYMENT WILL BE DUE IN FULL upon rostering prior to the commencement of the season.  


Goalies at all age levels shall be allowed to register as Alternates and will be placed on teams based on their skill and talent level as determined during Placements. As with Skater Alternates, there is no guarantee that Goalies will be used during games, and their use is at the discretion of the Head Coach, who shall not be permitted to use an Alternate Goalie if a full time Goalie is available.

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