How to cancel/reschedule a MYC game

How to Cancel and Reschedule a





First, DON'T! You will see that games are a headache to reschedule. Additionally, IF a canceled game is not rescheduled, your team is charged with a forfeit loss AND AHA is charged your opponent's game fee plus a $100 fine.


Other options


·       Submit day off requests to the Girls Director as soon as you know your team is participating in a tournament so that you don't end up with games when your team is away.


·       If you are canceling because you are short on players, call up players from a lower level team.


·       If you feel the game date or time is unreasonable (e.g. too late on a school night or on a holiday) contact Kathy Cincotta at Middlesex Yankee Conference ( and request that the league reschedule the game. Please copy AHA's Girls Director ( in your request.


·       Swap games with another team:


Game when you

are not available


Game when you

are available




<----Swap With---->










To complete a game swap:


1.     Contact Kathy Cincotta at Middlesex Yankee Conference ( and request a game swap.

2.     Be sure to copy AHA's Girls Director ( when you make the request.

3.     Inform your team of the swap. MYC will likely update the schedule, but it may be at the last minute.



If you have no other option and must reschedule a Middlesex Yankee Conference game:


1.     Contact your opponent to let them know of cancellation.


2.     Complete the game cancellation form on


3.     Reschedule the game. If a game is not rescheduled by the end of the season, the game will be a forfeit loss for your team and AHA will be charged the other team's game fee and a $100 fine.


Obtain ice - Check Open Ice to find a date and time that will work for your team and your opponent. You may reserve a few sheets while you are checking with your opponent but be sure to remove your team's name from any sheets you aren't going to use.  If nothing listed in Open Ice works for you, contact the Ice Director (see below.)


At least one week in advance, provide game details to the Girls Director who will schedule officials and a timekeeper.


Update the schedule - Once the game has been confirmed with the other team, inform the Ice Director so that the game can be added to your schedule and AHA's master schedule.


After the game is played, enter the score on the MYCGL website or email directly to the league and mail in the white game sheet.




AHA Girls Director


Ice Director


Middlesex Yankee Conference Girls Hockey League

Kathy Cincotta



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