Female High School Players with U14 Eligibility

The following policy applies to female U14-aged players who will be attending high school (typically about half of the 2nd year U14 players are also incoming high school freshman).

All girls who are at the U14 age level and want to participate in the Andover Hockey Association are required to register and try out as U14 players.  For those U14 age girls who will be entering their freshman year of high school the following fall, participation in the AHA's High School Half Season ("HSHS") program, which runs from early September through approximately Thanksgiving, will be available at no additional cost.  

U14 aged girls need only to attend placements for U14.  U14 aged girls do NOT need to attend any HSHS placement sessions.

U14 aged girls who are freshmen in high school will be allowed to attend all HSHS practices and will be invited to participate in HSHS games on an as needed basis.  This is an excellent opportunity to practice up to 4 times per week (i.e., 2 with your U14 team and 2 with the HSHS) in the fall.   We believe that participating with both the U14 and HSHS programs is the best path for serious hockey players to improve and prepare for high school tryouts.   Furthermore, after the high school season is over, these players will still have about a month left in their U14 season (including potentially the Massachusetts Hockey state tournament and league playoffs.)

A few additional notes:

• If a player with U14 eligibility makes a sub-varsity team at Andover High School, they are typically encouraged to continue playing for their U14 team, schedule permitting, with High School games and practices taking priority in the event of a conflict.  Any player who makes the Varsity is typically permitted to participate only with that team.

• If your player will be attending a different high school we strongly encourage you to check with that program for their policies with respect to U14/high school hockey participation.

• Finally, high school students with U14 eligibility are not required to also participate in the HSHS in the fall, and can elect play U14 only for the entire season.


Should you have any questions on these policies or any placements related inquiries, please feel free to contact placements@andoverhockey.org

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