Importing from Valley Hockey League

Game schedules may be imported directly from Valley Hockey's League Page


  • Ice Schedulers, Coaches and Team Managers all have access to perform this task.
  • If a game is scheduled at the exact time of an ice slot that has been assigned to your team, that game will be added to existing ice.  Otherwise it will be added as an away game.  We cannot match by rink name due to the fact that rink names are entered inconsistently.  If a team schedules an away game at the exact same time as a home ice slot, it will lead to an error.  If this happens, the club simply needs to un-assign that ice slot to correct the problem.

Step #1:

Navigate to this URL in a new tab:

Step #2:

Find the team to import in the list of Teams and copy the entire URL next to the team name.


Step #3:

Go to your team page on your club's website.

Step #4:

Click Games in the team navigation. If your are on mobile, this link is in the pop-down menu that expands when you click the down arrow.

Step #5:

Click the +Imports Button in the top right.  If you do not see this button, it is because you do not have permission to perform this task.  Contact your club webmaster.

Step #6:

Paste the URL you copied in the Add Import form and click the Add Import button.  The URL you pasted should now be listed below the Add Import form.

Step #7:

Click Games in the team navigation and verify that your games were imported.

IMPORTANT:  Changes to your team schedule are imported on a nightly basis.   If you want to immediately import your changes, you can delete the Import URL from your imports and re-add it.

Confirm Delete
Click the delete icon again to confirm. Click escape to cancel.