AHA Summer Shot Challenge

We've all heard a lot about shots in the news recently.  Some states are running promotions where you can win a prize if you get your COVID vaccine.  Even the president has encouraged everyone who is able to get their shot this summer if they haven't already. 

Here at the AHA we would like to issue a different shot-related challenge to our members.  How many hockey shots can your player take this summer?  

Today we are kicking off the AHA's Summer Shot Challenge.  The idea is to get the kids outside and spending a little bit of time each day getting ready for the upcoming season.  So make sure to set up that net away from any windows and let those shots fly!  Wristers, backhanders, top shelf or down low - fire away and work on your skills.

For our members 8 and under, we are challenging them to complete 1000 shots by September 1.  That's 100 shots a week over the next ten weeks.

For our members ages 9-12, the goal is 2500 shots for the summer. 

And for our oldest members, ages 13 and up, the ultimate goal is 5000 shots.  That breaks down to 500 per week, or 100 each weekday.   

We will go by the honor system for keeping track, but please send us videos of your players participating in the challenge to our social media platforms.  There will be prizes for those who attain (or come really close) to the goals.  And while we can't promise a million dollars like some states are doing for the vaccine, we can get you some really cool AHA swag in time for the season to start in September!