Extra Sessions at XP!

A few things to remember for our XP practices going forward:  

-All AHA players and coaches must wear masks at all times while at XP. This includes in the parking lot, on the outdoor turf, and in weight room and shooting pad. This is an AHA rule and will be strictly enforced by AHA coaches.  

-All players should bring their sticks (and gloves if they want) to XP practices, as there will be shooting instruction and practice stations, as well as their own water bottle.

-Players should not enter the building until they have been checked-in by their team coach or COVID manager and the group in front of them has exited the building. Please follow all traffic flow signage and guidance carefully.  

-Sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes. Parents, please return to the parking lot promptly especially in the case of cold or inclement weather.

-Players should arrive in clothing appropriate for outdoor exercise, as some groups will use the outdoor surface, weather permitting.

Should you have any questions please contact your head coach. Thanks to our friends at XP for accommodating us during this (hopefully) temporary hiatus from our regularly scheduled programming. We look forward to our players being able to continue conditioning, team bonding and most importantly having fun!