First Annual AHA Academic Initiative - Essay Contest Winners Announced!

We are pleased to announce that our first annual AHA Academic Initiative has been a great success. The response to this initiative was simply amazing, as over 60 essays were submitted in this first month of the new hockey season.  

Setting goals and self-evaluation is a big key in the development of young student-athletes. We can’t thank you, our members, enough for supporting this endeavor. We truly enjoyed reading each and every submission. As promised our winners for each age level will be receiving TSR gift cards. In addition, gift bags will be given to ALL participants.  

We would like to give special thanks to our friends at TSR for helping us support and fund this Initiative. 

2019 AHA Academic Initiative Winners:

High School - Kalli Archambault (Girls HSHS Blue)

Bantam/U14 - Allison Bolton (Girls U14-2)

Pee Wee/U12 - Liam Bennett (Pee Wee 1)

Squirt/U10 - Justin Falzone (Squirt 1)

Mite - Liam Squeglia (Mite 2)

Academic Initiative Participants:

Peter McLaughlin

Luke Conley 

Kalli Archambault  

Liam Magner 

Minwoo Kim 

Dhruv Katamarata 

Hyunwoo Kim 

Max Mulhern  

Armuan Dehpanah 

Winston Wu 

Lucas Olier 

Gabriel Olier 

Allison Bolton 

Christian Szymanski  

Fiona Flanagan  

Shane Flanagan  

Maddie Noury  

Sophia Ahmed 

Dalton Murphy  

William Murphy 

Maximus Murphy  

Brandon Falzone 

Justin Falzone 

Will Vaill 

Abby Vaill 

Charlie Delaney 

Theo Stepper 

Abby Murnane 

Bharat Diwania 

Timothy Boese 

Gavin Bennett 

Elizabeth Bennett  

Liam Bennett  

Annabelle Joyner  

James McNulty 

William McNulty 

William Conner 

Andrew Davis 

Owen Davis 

Matthew Greene 

Ben Bergeron  

Luke Tremblay 

Joy Tremblay 

Zach Oliver 

Brooke Howard 

Will Schroeder 

Darius Karbassi 

Finn Larson 

Chance Zuccaro 

Ryan Lee 

Liam Squeglia 

Blake Gorman 

Conor McGuiness 

Ollie Gourdeau  

Benjamin Thomas 

Angel Guarniz 

Ben Oliver 

PJ Kavka

Ben Lane

Shay Kilgallen

Lila Ciaccio

Brendan Cote

Nick Cotton