ROGERS EDGE Total Skills

Rogers Edge Total Skills is coming to Andover for 18 weeks of spring and summer training. Sessions are geared towards the highly motivated hockey player looking to better their all-around skill. Two hour workouts will be focused on stick handling, passing, shooting with the main focus being skating. It isn't a well kept secret that most of the best players in the game happen to be the best skaters. Given this fact we choose to emphasize this area of instruction to maximize a players ability and help each reach their full potential. 1st Hour will be skating and total skills with battle / checking progression. 2nd Hour will be full ice or cross ice scrimmages 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 with how to apply concepts learned in the 1st hour including corrections. ABOUT MATT ROGERS: Matt Rogers is a former 6 year professional player and the former skating and skills coach of the Buffalo Sabers organization. he has over 10 years of experience working with players at every level from mites to NHL. That experience includes ice hockey camps, clinics, treadmill training and coaching. Matt is proud to work with a number of elite and AAA programs all across the U.S. and Canada.


High School age range targeting 2004, 2005 Birth Years


Thursday, April 30th to June 11th, 5:20 pm to 7:30 pm Thursday, June 18th to Aug 27th, 4:10 pm to 6:20 pm


Phillips Academy


2 Hours Per week

Additional Costs

$995 Skaters $600 Goalies 38 Skaters Max 4 Goalies Max Alternates Available As Needed Basis: $60 per session

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