2020-21 AHA Board of Directors Elected

The Andover Hockey Association held its 2020 annual meeting on Monday July 13th (in a virtual setting, for the first - and hopefully only - time). 

Retiring President Matt McLaughlin presented his final "State of the Association" address, and Treasurers Sal & Kristy DiAgostino gave a report on the AHA's finances. 

The election for the 2020-21 AHA Board of Directors was then held (via e-ballot) and Mike Stevens was elected as AHA's new president. For a full list of the 2020-21 AHA Board, please click here

The Board encourages all members (current or prospective) to reach out to Mike - or any other member of the Board - should you have questions, concerns or suggestions. 

On behalf of all members, the Board would like to take this opportunity to thank Matt for his years of service.  When asked for his final thoughts as president, Matt remarked, "Thanks Andover Hockey for the memories - the best is yet to come!"  And thanks to Matt's stewardship, the Board certainly agrees with that  sentiment. 

The Board would also like to recognize the other outgoing directors (Diane Larson, Anastasia Driscoll, Kevin Hendrickson, George Flaherty and Mike Longo) and thank them for their contributions. 

Finally, the Board would like to welcome Mike, as the new president, and the other new directors, to their roles on the Board. We look forward to an exciting season and can't wait to get back on the ice!